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Word Whizzle Pop Effortless Answers

Word whizzle pop Effortless packs cheats – We want to help player solve every difficult word in this game so we post the solutions in this post but please use this list only when no more coins to use. This game is available for free but you can support the developer by adding more coins inside the apps, don’t worry it’s secure and protected by google wallet, if you don’t want to add more coins you can share and reviews word whizzle pop.

Word Whizzle Pop Effortless

Level 36. On a bird: Beak Talon Wing Down
Level 37. Musical instruments Drums Bass Oboe Banjo Flute
Level 38. Found in a hospital: Rooms Nurse Bed
Level 39. Circus Sights: Clown Net Tent Ring lion
Level 40. Food that’s green: Grape Pesto Olive Kale Basil
Level 41. Reasons to clean: Smell Dust Stain Dirt
Level 42. Enjoying Valentine’s Day: Love Candy Cupid Roses
Level 43. Zodiac signs Libra: Leo Virgo Aries libra
Level 44. That looks round to me: Wheel Ball Pie Pizza Tire
Level 45. Parts of a book: Spine Page Cover Index

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