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Word Whizzle Pop Child’s Play Answers

Word whizzle pop Child’s Play packs cheats – We want to help player solve every difficult word in this game so we post the solutions in this post but please use this list only when no more coins to use. This game is available for free but you can support the developer by adding more coins inside the apps, don’t worry it’s secure and protected by google wallet, if you don’t want to add more coins you can share and reviews word whizzle pop.

Word Whizzle Pop Child’s Play

Level 26. Features of Your Head: Hair Face Ear Lip
Level 27. Janitor Supplies: Rag Soap Mop
Level 28. At the Grocery Store: Cart Food Bag
Level 29. At the Racetrack: Fast Lap
Level 30. Caring for Baby: Crib Milk Toy Nap
Level 31. In the trash: Paper Can Peel
Level 32. Things to do on a weekend: Read Relax Party
Level 33. Seafood dinner: Crab Clam Cod Tuna Prawn
Level 34. Months of the year: June May March July
Level 35. Things At a Party: Cake Music

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